April 15, 2014

Possibilities, Choices, and Christ

As long as you don’t make a choice, everything remains possible.
But when does no choice, become the choice.
When no choice becomes the choice, then nothing possible remains.
We must make a choice.
Once you make a choice, there is a reduction in your possibilities.
Some choices keep more available possibilities than others.
So how do you make a choice? Why would you want to limit your possibilities?
Look to your future.
Once you know anything about the future you desire, you can make a choice.
There are some undesirable possibilities
So make a choice that limits the undesirable possibilities.
Keep the desired possibilities open.
Never make a choice that would limit your desired future possibilities.
What about the present?
We all have present desires that we want right now
We should not allow present desires to drive our present choices.
Present choices limit future possibilities and should be driven by future desires.
It is easy for present desires to overshadow future desires.
I can see a book in front of me.
It is easy to know what this book looks like because I am looking at it in the present.
What book will I be reading in a year?
It is not easy to see the future book because it is not in front of me right now.
The present is powerful, but should not overshadow our future.
If desire for present objects overshadows future desires then choices made for the present desire will limit your desired future possibilities.
You will not notice the change in your future possibilities.
You will be blinded by the present until your eyes are opened beyond the scope of the present.

So open your eyes and look to the future.
Know who you are and know your potential.
You are a child of God.
You can become like him.
He loves you and knows your potential
He knows the future and all possibilities.
With him on your side as a constant companion, you can be warned.
His ultimate goal and desire is for you to reach your potential.
He is on your side.
Christ suffered eternal and infinite torment and pain.
He did this so he could be your advocate.
You will make a wrong choice and limit your future desired possibilities.
The present is powerful.
Christ understands, and knows you can change.
As you change your present desires to match your future potential, possibilities will open.
Possibilities do not and cannot open because of your choice to change alone
They open because of Christ’s power to forgive.
This power is the only power that can move throughout time.