February 18, 2010


     As you search for truth, desire plays a big role. If your heart is in the right place, then you don't have too much to worry about. Whenever someone has their heart on something, they will do anything they can to get it. Lets ask ourselves, "What is something I should desire for?".  I know one obvous answer. We should desire to do good. We should desire to come closer to Christ. In order to enter the kingdom of god, we should first have a desire to be there.
     Because of our desires, we are our own judges. We tend to be drawn to those things that we desire. God does not have us on a leash that will yank us back whenever we go too far away. He will call out to us, but the choice is ultimately our own.  If one chooses to go against the will of God, because they did not desire to come closer to him, then in the end that person will be exactly where they chose. They will be as far away from god as they moved themselves. God won't push them any further away either, because that would also conflict the the choice of the individual. The individual will be exactly where they placed themselves. If one desires to do the will of god, and strives on the path towards him, then they will end up close to God. It was their choice.
     One false concept many people have is that they have wandered too far away from god to ever make it close to him. Desires may change in an individuals life that make them want to come to God. In the Book of Mormon, Moroni chapter 6, there were many who had distanced themselves from God far enough that they could not be considered a follower of God in the least bit. After asking God what to do with them, he gave this statement which shows his mercy, in verse eight." But aas oft as they repented and sought forgiveness, with real bintent, they were cforgiven." 
     If our desire turns back towards God after our desire to sin, we will see a path ahead of us that is a long one. We cannot make up for our sins. We do not have the strength to walk back up the path we walked down. We never will have the strength. But, If we repent with real intent we will be forgiven. We must be sincere. God knows the intents of our hearts. He knows if we are lying through out teeth. But because Christ suffered eternally for our sins, it is possible for that forgiveness. Only through Christ, can we backtrack the distance needed to return to God. God has promised it. All it takes is a desire to repent to help us get the strength needed to use Christ in our life. We need him. I know that Gods promise of forgiveness is true, because I have a testimony of Jesus Christ. I have a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true, it is because of this testimony that I can trust in the words found in Moroni. I share this is Christs name.